In 1500-2000 words, choose a theme and/or topic and write a well-considered critical analysis of Camus' The Guest.

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In Camus’ “The Guest”, the character of the Arab has received much critical attention, particularly toward securing satisfactory interpretations of the character’s final decision. This discussion works toward three objectives: First, a number of related interpretations of the Arab’s character and decision are presented, followed by, second, some detailed criticisms of these approaches; finally, a competing interpretation of the character is suggested. Ultimately, it is argued that it is a mistake to lose sight of the importance of the essential role of the Arab as the ward to Daru’s caretaker, particularly in terms of Daru as the teacher who does not understand – it is by that fundamental inability to understand that Daru renders for both the Arab and himself the utter and final disillusionment they are left with at story’s end.
Critical, interpretive context
This first section is concerned with presenting a counterargument—by way of counter-interpretation—in critique of one of the many analyses of the Arab’s intent at the end of Camus’ story. As will become clear, this analysis and counter-analysis will serve as a launching pad for the rest of the discussion. First, consider what could be thought of as ‘standard’ or common...

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