Write a paper on the topic "Data Mining in HOTEL Industry" 7 pages APA style.

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Data mining is an essential tool for businesses in the hotel and hospitality industry. Understanding exactly what customers want out of their hotel experience requires the hotelier to know several basic facts regarding their clientele. Data mining can reveal the type of room the customer needs (with one bed or two); it can also reveal how much a customer is willing to spend on their hotel, and whether the customer is within your price range or not. If your customers like to exercise every day, you can sell your gym, spa, or pool amenities as part of the experience. In addition, data mining allows a hotelier to determine specific patterns of customers in order to tailor a marketing plan to appeal to those customers. For example, customers who go to Le Meridien or the Intercontinental in New York City prefer a more upscale experience to those who can only afford a Days Inn or Holiday Inn...

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