Write an essay for the topic: Boeing 707 or 747. The essay should ...

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Write an essay for the topic: Boeing 707 or 747.
The essay should have at least 5 pages with references, APA style.

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The Boeing 747 is still one of the most famous commercial aircraft in the world due to the overwhelming number of flights undertaken by the aircraft and its surprisingly solid safety record. The 747 is so highly regarded as an aircraft that the President George H.W. Bush requested a 747-200B as his personal aircraft (Air Force One) (“Air Force One,” 2013). President Obama is looking to order either a prototype 747-800 or 787 Dreamliner as the new Air Force One before he leaves office (Bazinet, 2013). The plane design is almost 50 years old; due to its reliability and versatility, the plane has become symbolic for worldwide commercial flight. The Boeing 747 was designed in the late 1960s by a group of “50,000 Boeing people” known as ‘the Incredibles’ (“747 Commercial Transport,” 2013). The Incredibles earned this nickname because they built the largest aircraft in the world in a span of only 16 months (“747 Commercial Transport,” 2013). Five different Boeing models were designed; the 747-100, 747-200, 747-300, 747-400, and 747-8. The first model, the 747-100, had an astounding volume of 200 million cubic feet, and engineers initially thought that the plane would be structurally unstable because of the fuselage size (“747 Commercial Transport,” 2013). However, the airplane model was safe and very few accidents have been recorded over the years...

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