To what extent did ISAF learn from the mistakes of the Soviets in Afghanistan?

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The Soviet intervention in Afghanistan started off as a simple support mission. According to Kulakov (2006), the Soviet forces were not supposed to engage the Afghani forces, nor were they instructed to wage a large-scale war with the insurgents. What started off as a peacekeeping mission, in lack of a better term, turned into a lengthy, and ultimately disastrous fight for the Soviet Union.
The origins of the Soviet intervention can be traced to the desire of the then government in Moscow to arbitrate the unstable political situation in Afghanistan. In a situation that was not very different from that found by the ISAF when the 2001 war erupted, Afghanistan was divided politically and ethnically, into a myriad of small, mostly tribal groups. Each of these groups had constant feuds with other groups, which further destabilized the central government and led to...
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