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Write a critical application papers which should consist of 2 pages to identify a Health Problem (sleep deprivation). The papers should be written as a well-informed, psycho-educational blog. APA style and work cited page.

Required text is: Taylor, S. E. (2015). Health psychology. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

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    Sleep is vital for the human body. No matter where we are, what time it is, what we do - sleep is essential. Lack of sleep has far-reaching consequences for the overall health and simple, there is no option that we can live without sleep. Moreover, without quality sleep, we cannot function normally and our body is physically and mentally dangerous endangered. It used to be a common thing in the past that people slept longer, nonetheless, nowadays, the average adult slept less than seven hours during the work week and less than eight hours on weekends. On average, people need as much as 46 minutes to fall asleep, and it was found that the main cause for it is too much caffeine we consume during the day, as well as stress, or simply - living habits. Numerous studies have shown that the sleep deprivation leads to a real risk of various diseases, in addition to the risk of injuries and accidents....

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