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The topic of the paper is: The relationship between faith and reason
Background info: faith and reason cannot be separated. Reason relies on faith and faith acts as a light to reason.
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In Christianity, one of the contentious issues has been making credible justifications for the religious beliefs and understanding of God – his Divinity, existence, and influence over everyday lives. Reason and faith have emerged as excellent sources for justifications with extremities of faith-only and reason-only being used based on an individual’s understanding and interpretation of religious doctrines. Whereas the two function interdependently in explaining and justifying religious beliefs, some philosophers have considered the compatibility impossible while assigning either of the two concepts in isolation. According to faith-only believers, the finiteness and weaknesses of man and the superiority of God make it impossible for an imperfect being to use reason to understand God. Rationalist philosophers, such as Immanuel Kant, considered understanding an attribute of reason – thus, establishing a new philosophy that limits the understanding of religion to reason while attributing faith to anti-intellectualism.
Research Questions
1. Why does the Church emphasize teachings on the relationship between reason and faith?
2. What is actually at the core of the teaching of the Church regarding the relationship between reason and faith? Within this question, the connection between reason and faith will be covered and the view of the Church in this matter.
Despite the conflicting approaches to religion, faith and reason have an internal accord – God gives rationalism (reason) while faith is a revelation that comes from the same God. Therefore, reason and faith are inseparable notions in the teachings of the Catholic Church – the reason is founded on the faith and faith acts as a guideline for the reason.
Reason and Faith in Islam
An analysis of reason and faith in Islam by Hutcherson based on Al-Ghazali’s Tahafut al-falasifa reveals significant contentions...

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