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Please discuss the cost and regulations involving language access in healthcare by answering:

What is the current legislative or regulatory issue, and why is it being debated?
Who is most affected by the legislation?
What are the current socioeconomic, political, cultural, and ethical issues surrounding this topic?
Who are the stakeholders?
What are the positions of professional health care organizations (ANA, AHA, AMA), consumers, and the major political parties on the issue?
What are the implications of the policy issue for the nursing profession?
What role could the individual nurse play in bridging the gap in this healthcare disparity and what policies need to be implemented to do so?

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Language Barrier in Healthcare: The Impact of the 2016 ACA Rules on the Law of Language Access
Given that the main aim of passing the Affordable Care Act was to cover all uninsured Americans, a major expected consequence was a drastic increase in the number of insured patients with limited English proficiency (LEP). In turn, a dramatic increase in the need for language services in most areas of healthcare was expected (Ngai, et al., 2016). Consequently, it was necessary to change certain aspects of the regulations in order to ensure that the LEP patients are provided the necessary care regardless of their linguistic proficiencies. In response to this expected situation, in May 2016, the American government issued the regulations implementing section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with an aim of extending the principle of nondiscrimination to the content of health insurance, including the coverage standards themselves (Ngai, et al., 2016). Along with the overall rollout of the ACA, new provisions for the LEP patients was implemented under section 1557 of the Act, which includes providing translational as well as interpreting services for this groups of services to ensure that there is an increase in the healthcare access for all. In particular, current statistics show that the LEP population...

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