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Summary of the Assignment:
Task:In this assignment, you will write a technical description for a non-specialized audience. You will explain to a non-technical audience how something works. You will choose an object or a process with which you are familiar. You will describe this object or process to an audience that has little or no background of the subject.
Length:500-800 words, single-spaced
Graphics: You must include at least one graphic.ographics borrowed from other sources need to be cited in APA formatoall graphics should be labeled.
Your description will include graphics. The description will use visual detail in both words and images. You might consider one of the following two strategies:
- provide one main graphic and refer to parts in the graphic when writing your technical description
- provide many graphics, integrating each graphic as you write the various parts of the technical description.
Your description should answer the following questions:
- What is the object or process?How is it defined?
- What does the object or process do?
- What does the object or process look like?
- What is the object made of?(if you are describing an object and not a process)
- How does the object or process work?
- Why should the reader be interested in your object or process?

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