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Your final project in this class is the creation of a 5 to 7 page website for training purposes only. ( No live websites). Decide what area of interest you want your website to serve. Write a two page document discussing the following:

Name and purpose of your site.
Goal of your site. What makes your site a success to you?
Target Audience. What group of people are you trying to reach? Age? Gender? Social Group? Economic Characteristics? Interest Areas?
Information or Opportunity your site is presenting to the World Wide Web...presenting information on a topic? Initial Site for a Business?
Content. Initial Glimpse of the type of content you will need for your site. Video? Graphics? Audio? Media? Text? Is content available on the Web? Copyright laws? Or will you create content?
Include two web addresses of similar sites.

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I would like to create a website to share information about Hawaii as a great vacation spot. I would name it Content about Hawaii as a vacation spot is available on the internet. However, I am sure people will find my website very useful in planning their trips to Hawaii as it explains everything about Hawaii in a gist...

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