- The Country without a Post Office
- The World next Door
1. Restate in your own words the motive of the reading. What do you think is the question that the author is trying to work out?
2. Also, in your own words, write what is the reading about? What is the reading’s main idea/thesis? To support your points, you must quote from the reading and reference the page number appropriately per MLA or Chicago style.
3. Specify one or two points that you liked about the reading. If you can relate it personally, please feel free to do that.
4. Be sure to include any thoughts/insights that cross your mind as you weigh in on the reading.

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In “the country without a post office” Agha Shahid Ali tries to investigate the reasons why the local Kashmiris started a war to fight the Indian rule in the state. Based on the real happenings in the time of the production of the poem, the author believes that there are significant reasons that encouraged the people to go against the government. Throughout the text, the author tries to understand the experiences of the warring parties, which resulted in the collapse of the state's machinery, such as the Kashmir's post office. The author recognizes that the social amenities or structures are always at high risk of collapsing after any socioeconomic or political destabilization due to unrest or violence. The author tries to analyze the state of Kashmir and uses it as a case study to illustrate the manner at which such violence affects a state, economically, socially or even politically. The author points out that the level of suffering in Kashmir seems like an illustration of hopelessness where there is no one to help the victims of the war. In stanza three, the author indicates that “Guns shoot stars into the sky, the storm of constellations night after night, the infinite that rages on. It was Id-uz-Zuha...

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