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The main study is the Feasibility Study.
Prep Assignment on Preliminary Bibliography on the topic Occupational Fatalities in the Petroleum Engineering Industry.
Please list your Bibliography as it stands right now with a few quick blurbs about the source- and what section it is best serving in your paper- in other words, is it stakeholder, benchmark, primary, or secondary?

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This paper presents a briefly annotated bibliography of the sources that address the topic “Occupational Fatalities in the Petroleum Engineering Industry.” The sources are multifaceted in that they are of different types, namely, secondary, primary, stakeholder, and benchmark articles. The paper will address the purpose of each study, the findings, and how it relates to the topic at hand.
CDC. Fatalities and hospitalizations related to the ignition, inhalation, or suspected inhalation of hazardous gases and vapors while handling fluids at oil and gas sites: 2015—2016. January 28, 2019. Web. July 20, 2019.
The purpose of this stakeholder article is to provide key statistics about occupational fatalities and hospitalizations in the petroleum engineering industry in different U.S. States for the year 2015-2016. The resource also documents the real causes of fatalities and hospitalization. Consequently, the reader...

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