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If humans are primarily motivated by the hedonistic calculus, is simple deterrence the answer to the crime problem?
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Curbing crimes: Analyzing the validity of simple deterrence based on hedonistic calculus
Since the onset of humanity, crime has remained as one of the most complex social problems such that no known approach to curbing offenses has proven sustainably effective. Nevertheless, a set of thinkers have presented ideologies that help to visualize the best way forward. One of such theorists is Jeremy Bentham, who according to Walsh and Hemmens (2011) coined the concept of hedonistic calculus. According to the thinker, hedonistic calculus refers to a theory that combines hedonism and rationality with the aim of weighing, in a logical manner, the anticipated benefits of a specified plan of action against its possible costs. To Bentham, hedonistic calculus often...

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