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1. Restate in your own words the motive of the reading. What do you think is the question that the author is trying to work out?
2. Also, in your own words, write what is the reading about? What is the reading’s main idea/thesis? To support your points, you must quote from the reading and reference the page number appropriately per MLA or Chicago style.
3. Specify one or two points that you liked about the reading. If you can relate it personally, please feel free to do that.
4. Be sure to include any thoughts/insights that cross your mind as you weigh in on the reading.
5. A sample Response Letter is attached (sent earlier).

"Trust and Betrayal in the idea of America"
"In the Light of What We Know", by Zia Haider Rahman

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“In the Light of What We Know“, an article authored by Zia Haider Rahman, the chief motive is to engage a range of issues such as class, individual choice, nationality, and identity in the economic, social, and political context of the ever-changing world. The article chronicles the journey of a single man who concertedly chases an unattainable illusion of the ideal world. By perceiving the dynamics of social agencies, the article intends to open the readers’ eyes to the facets of the mundane life, which individuals tend to take for granted. The work achieves this cause by providing a painful reflection of self-loathing, self-denial, self-destructive behaviors, mimicry, and violence....

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