Assignment 2: IRS Reflection

This assessment is to be completed individually Please choose ONE of the following options to complete:

Option 3:
You are invited to view ONE of the following documentaries or films (unless previously assigned in class)

Documentary or film: The Secret Path

After viewing the documentary or film you are asked to write a reflection answering the following questions:

1. Who created the documentary or film? What else have you found out about them?
2. What is the documentary about and why did you choose to view this documentary?

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Assignment 2: IRS Reflection
Option 3

The movie “The Secret Path” is Jeff Lemire’s animation picture that follows the music and lyrics of the Gordon (Gord) Downie’s last recorded live music performance.

Jeff Lemire is an award-winning cartoon artist and writer from Canada. In his career, Lemire has worked on bringing into life some acclaimed graphic novels including the Sweet Tooth, Underwater Welder, Trillium and Essex Country. He has also written some of the well-known superhero comics like the Justice League or Green Arrow for big production companies such as Marvel Studies. In 2008, Jeff Lemire received his first and five years later...
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