This week’s collaborative project is a mini-literature review assignment, for which you will develop the following components. The mini-literature review will be developed using a topic you select that is related to this week’s study focus (i.e., Ethics of the Body).
Mini-Literature Review Components:
1. Develop a Research Problem Statement.
2. Develop a Research Question.
3. Develop Literature Review (LR) Search Terms and Search Term Definitions.
4. Execute a Library Literature Search
• Find and select 3 choice social science research articles related to the Research Problem;
• Briefly analyze the articles; and,
• Record the search findings on a literature review matrix.
5. Write a statement that synthesizes the 3 choice social science research articles.

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A. Write a research problem statement for a social science phenomenon related to ethics of the body.
Statement of the Problem:
The recent introduction of euthanasia and assisted death laws in various countries around the globe means that medical assistance in dying (MAID) is now a legal option for people wishing to end their lives. Some people opt to donate their bodies to medical research, and while this is a noble cause, it has also raised some provocative ethical concerns.
B. Develop a social science research question that aligns with the problem statement.
Research Question:
How should medical research programs deal...

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