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Consider yourself sales director of a small retail company (74 employees).
Consider also that the sales staff have been coming to work dressed in an overly casual manner (sports ware, work ware, colorful street and casual ware, etc.) projecting no
image of uniformity While there have been minimal customer complaints, sales have suffered a significant downward trend.

Write a short memo to your sales staff announcing and outlining a new dress code policy. Diplomatically explain why this new policy must be strictly enforced for the sales staff. Remember to keep an informal but professional tone.

1. Carefully read the above Premise and Memo Assignment and organize your thoughts on what you have to write. Read it more than once if you need to.
2. Consider that it might be a good idea to roughly list the information you will need to convey to your readers.
3. Now, going into your computer and using the Microsoft Word word process program (please do not use a template style is not what's important here, it's the content), write a one-page memorandum (at most a page and a half) drawing on the information and examples provided in the text, and the "Keys to Effective Memos."
4. Having done that, Save your document with a filename that starts with your last name and first name initial (make this a habit), then come back to this page and click 'Add Submission.'
5. At 'Fill Submissions' box, click the add' icon at top left of box.
6. 'File Picker' box will appear, and in this box click the Choose File' button to browse for thee file in your computer.
7. Click 'Upload This File' then click Save Changes.

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TO: Staff
FROM: Name, Sales Director
SUBJECT: New dress code policy for the staff members

This memo is to inform you that our company has a new dress code policy, which every employee must observe at all times, particularly the sales staff. The essence of the new policy is...

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