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You have to write a 750-word profile of a person you know well using the style and tools.

a. Who will you be profiling? If you're not sure yet, tell me the options.
b. Give three vivid, concrete physical descriptions of this person.
c. Give three psychological/character descriptions. BE CONCRETE. "He doesn't let anyone mistreat him" is not enough -- "when someone talks down to him, he smacks them in the face" is.
d. Name two discrete things that make this person interesting and two things that make her or him problematic.
e. What is the bigger thing your profile will be about? Fishman’s bigger thing was lies (and family). Sullivan's was the South (and mentorship). Gay Talese uses Frank Sinatra to talk about how celebrity works in America. What is the bigger thing your character profile will illuminate, directly or indirectly? It's ok to be undecided for now -- describe some possibilities based on whom you're going to be writing about, or are considering writing about.

ONE,           Physical description
TWO,           Psychological description
THREE,          Physical descriptions that suggest personality
FOUR,          Concrete (rather than abstract) description
FIVE,           Ambivalence
SIX,           Complexity

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I must have been nine years old, curious as hell. Uncle Ram was a laptop fan and worked with them. His rugged fingers bore testimony to the hundreds of laptops he had repaired, and even built. He had contours on the tip of his fingers that resembled fish scales. Whenever he shook hands, one could feel the coarse touch. Ram had become accustomed to working with computers such that he had his shirt sleeves folded at all times. When he was not working with computers, he spent time in the gym lifting weight. Hence, he appeared like a huge bull; broad at the chest area and narrowing towards the legs. One day, Ram bought a brand-new SONY laptop. I was fiddling with it whilst standing in the balcony at Level 2, looking at it from top to bottom – sleek finishes, heavy weight. Suddenly the laptop fell hurtling toward the ground and literally broke in two or three pieces. “Damn! He will kill me’ was my thought, knowing Uncle Ram’s short temper. [SUSPENSE CREATED – WILL HE GET ANGRY OR NOT]
He had glaring eyes; one could...

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