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Read: Underwood, R. A. (1978). Hispanicization as a socio-historical process on Guam.Unpublished manuscript.
State the main point or argument of the reading(s). What is the author attempting to argue or demonstrate in the reading?
Then, write a summary: Identify the primary evidence in the reading that demonstrates the thesis. That is, what "proof" does the author provide to explain and develop his/her main point?

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Thesis Statement
Underwood(1978) argues that the Chamorro culture of strong family ties, strict nurturing of children, reliance on Catholicism and agriculture were influenced by the 225 years of Spanish occupation in Guam. Therefore, the idealized and exaggerated pre-World War 2 culture of the Chamorro was not of their evolution, but the influence of Spanish colonizers. Spanish influence among the Chamorro culture created increased changes in behavior, attitudes, and lifestyles. Despite education and changes in their lifestyle, the Chamorro’s values and beliefs never changed.
Underwood(1978) argues that Chamorro’s culture was the result of the Spaniard occupation in Guam through the...

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