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Read the article: Starbucks Coffee Company: Transformation and Renewal

Then: From an internal perspective, it is clear that, in general, the company’s growth initiatives during Jim Donald’s tenure were sound in terms of generating the growth expected by Wall Street. But which of Starbucks’ initiatives during Donald’s tenure, in retrospect, were consistent with Starbucks’ Mission and external positioning, and which were inconsistent with its positioning and Mission? Overall, what were the absent “things” that Schultz reflects were “silently deflating” the brand at the time of his memo in 2007?

Teams 1 and 2
Select on “inconsistent” initiative under Donald which relates to new products. Was the initiative itself strategically inconsistent, or was it inconsistent due to the manner of its implementation? How might the goal of the initiative been accomplished in a Mission –consistent manner?

All Teams
Does Schultz’s leadership approach throughout the implementation of the Transformation Agenda support or inhibit Starbucks’ reconnection to its Mission?

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Transformation Agenda was introduced in 2008. Its main objectives were ‘’ to improve the current state of Starbucks retail business in the United States, reignite emotional attachment with the Starbucks brand, and make long-term changes to the foundation of the business’’ (Koehn et al. 10)

Development of new product Starbucks Via Ready Brew and organization of a nationwide barista retraining were the proofs that the company was returning to its core values in terms of product quality and the importance of staff like baristas and store managers. ‘’Schultz wrote in Onward. ‘[Baristas and store managers] are the true ambassadors of our brand, the real merchants...

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