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Figures Summary
Instructions: In as few as words as possible and using appropriate scientific expression and elements of good writing, summarize Figures 3 and 4 from the attached paper:
Kump, D. S., & Booth, F. W. (2005). Alterations in insulin receptor signalling in the rat epitrochlearis muscle upon cessation of voluntary exercise. The Journal of Physiology, 562(3), 829-838.
1. How was the study set up?
2. What data was collected?
3. What were the differences?

1. What is being compared (y-axis)
2. Groups/ treatment ( x-axis)
3. What are the differences?
4. What other important details ( depends on graphs, experiment)

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Summary of Figures 3 and 4
How was the study set up?
The study sought to clarify the mechanisms through which limited physical activity stimulates low sensitivity of insulin in skeletal muscle (Kump & Booth, 2005). The researchers locked rats with running wheels for 5hrs, 29hrs, and 53hrs for three weeks. There was also a control group (sedentary, SED) of rats with no access to the running wheels (Kump & Booth, 2005).
What data was collected?
For figure 3, the data collected was...

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