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Please select a contemporary news paper or magazine article on a current civil rights issue.

Your journal entry should consist of two parts.

1) Describe the event and explain why it is a civil rights issue (use our discussions on rights and civil rights to explain), Be sure to say who you think is right and why. Quote the article and explain the importance of the quoted language.

2) After you analyze the article, add a short paragraph in which you discuss the reliability of the publisher (the newspaper or magazine or journal or website) - do you trust it? Does it have a a position? In other words, if the article is from the New York Times, this part of your journal should be about the New York Times rather than the article itself. This will help you learn to evaluate the reliability of publications and other sources.

Your summary of the article and explanation of why it is a civil rights issue is worth 1.5 points.

Your analysis of the reliability of the publication is worth .5 points.

Total = 2 points.

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Analysis of Civil Rights Issues
The selected event on civil rights issues involves two women that were former employees of Pinterest, an image-sharing Tech Company. According to Reuters (2020), the employees claim they faced racism and sexism remarks while at work. Ifeoma Ozoma wrote on...

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