Resource Assignment

Part 1
Create a Treasure Basket for use by infants. Treasure Baskets are a form of Heuristic Play. Heuristic play is rooted in young children’s natural curiosity. As babies grow, they move beyond being content to simply feel and ponder objects, to wanting to find out what can be done with them. Find a basket that is an appropriate size to be placed on the floor near the children. For the contents of the basket collect natural materials like pine cones, tree cookies, and fairly large smooth pebbles, as well as ribbons, short lengths of chain, and ‘found’ objects like curtain rings, jar lids, sturdy cardboard tubes. Always be conscientious of the size of the items to be sure that they do not pose a choking hazard.

Part 2
Create a Sensory Board to be used by toddlers. A Sensory Board can be a free standing board, one that is mounted on the wall, or one that lays flat on the floor or table. It allows a young child to manipulate it and test out their senses, fine motor and cognitive abilities on it. It should be visually appealing, so that they are attracted to it. It should have items on it that they can touch, squeeze, move, and listen to. It should be constructed of safe materials, so the child can be free to handle it.

For each resource write a description containing the following information:
• What materials were used and how you determined that the materials were safe and age appropriate.
• Where you would place the resource in the classroom and how you would entice participation.
• How you would be a play partner with the child during their use of the resource.
• How you could involve the family in the activity, or ensure that the family understands the value of the activity.

Include two photos of each resource

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Resource Assignment
Infants learn by actively engaging and doing things with their senses and their bodies. Treasure basket serves to provide different objects that stimulate variety of sensory qualities, touch, sight, sound, smell and taste; and learning about the world. In specific plastic items should be avoided as they provide little sensory stimulation (Gascoyne, 2012).

• What materials were used and how you determined that the materials were safe and age appropriate.
Our treasure basket will be a basket of everyday life objects that are not easily accessible to infants in a regular setting. What is an important aspect to consider is that the collection will be non-toy objects, and rather natural materials such as paper, metal, materials, wood, natural sponge, and smells will be included in my basket. The materials I choose will not pose a choking hazard, as there will be no small objects, nor sharp items. The basket I picked is made out of natural wood and has no sharp edges, in the same...

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