Students are required to submit a Short analytical research paper on a current International Relations problem, issue/conflict. This is a written as well as an oral presentation assignment

Written Report: 10 points                                              Oral Presentation: 10 points

1. An Introduction
a. Problem Statement- Explanation of the problem/issue/conflict
b. Who are the main stakeholders actors involved in the problem/conflict?
c. What are the interests of the stakeholders in the conflict and what do they want? Or how are the stakeholders affected by the problem?

2. Causes of the Problem
a. What are the main causes of the problem?
b. Why should the International Community care about this problem?
c. Which organization(s) or people do you think have the ability to solve this problem and why?

3. Contending Perspectives A
a. Explain the position (s) or case of one of the major actors/countries in the conflict/issue and their justification for the way they are behaving
b. Are their reasons justified? If no why? If yes why?

4. Contending Perspective B
a. Explain the position(s) or case of the opposing side of the conflict/issue and their justification for the way they are behaving
b. Are their reasons justified? If no why? If yes why?

5. Solution
a. Propose three possible solutions for solving the problem
b. Conclusion: Choose the best solution out of the three solutions you have discussed above and give your reason(s) for choosing a particular solution

• Students should use a minimum of three in-text sources and list them at the end in a reference page. The sources should include: credible Sources such as:
o Text Books or Researched Books
o International newspapers websites (Khaleeej Times, Gulf News, The National, New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, etc),
o Cable Media websites such as Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Al Arabiya etc
o News Magazines, Journal Articles through the google scholar search engine or JSTOR
o Websites of International Organizations such as United Nations, GCC, World Bank, OPEC, European Union, Arab League, NATO etc.
o Government official Websites
• All in-text citations should be listed in a reference page!
• Each student should write between 3-5 pages, double-spaced, 12 font
• Each group must prepare a Power Point Presentation for their presentation. Every Student is limited to a maximum of three slides and should be prepared to speak for 3-5 minutes.

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

Syrian conflict – Introduction

Syrian conflict is one of the current conflicts in the Middle East that emerged in the spring of 2011 as a part of the Arab Spring, a series of revolution across the Arab World. Syrian conflict is actually an ongoing civil war in Syria but it is also an ongoing international issue as the groups that are involved in the conflict are backed up by foreign organizations and countries. Furthermore, the conflict caused deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians and made more than 3 millions of refugees that found shelter in neighboring countries. (M. Blanchard, C., E. Humud, C., & D. Nikitin, M. , 2014) Syrian Arab Republic, a country ruled by the Alawite Shia Muslim minority for decades, came into center of international attention in 2011, after the failed democratic revolution. Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president since 2000, was presumed as the next Arab leader that will lose the power in his country in a scenario similar to those that happened in Egypt and Tunisia and eventually in Libya.
Armed forces of Syria were firm in their decision to protect the government of the ruling Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party and the rebels were contained in the eastern parts of the country. Nevertheless, the conflict evolved into a greater civil war as the neighboring countries and great world powers intervened in an effort to impose, affirm and protect their own interests in Syria. Those interventions from outside caused fractions and...
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