1. Summarize the argument of the essay in two or three sentences.
2. Describe the claims your argument agrees and disagrees with.
3. Describe your process for writing this essay: what did you do first? Did you come across any stumbling blocks? What part or paragraph felt most successful? Least successful? How did you revise, edit, and proofread?
4. Identify an important strategy that you used in your essay, and say why you chose it, and how you used it.
5. Identify a key decision or choice you made, and note where this decision shows up in your essay.
6. Tell your instructor how he can be most helpful to you in his comment. Be specific about the parts or passages that you still aren’t satisfied with. Indicate a decision you made that you want him to comment on.

Below are some questions you can ask. Choose the three questions that are most important to you at this stage in your writing (or write your own).
• What part stands out most for you? Without looking at it, what do you remember most about it?
• Do you think my ideas are in the best order?
• Where should I add another example, fact, illustration, reason?
• Are my quotations well “integrated” and “framed”? Is it clear how I am using them as evidence to support the main claim of my paper?
• The assignment requires ___________ (that I provide sufficient context for the debate, that I acknowledge what others say about the problem I’ve chosen before I respond, that I choose a controversial issue, etc.). Do you think I’ve done that?
• Can you point out one sentence that you stumbled over or had to reread?
• Are there places I can be more concise or precise?
• Are there places where I need more transitional language?
• Are there places where I can use a more vivid, precise, argumentative verb?
• What about the style of my writing: the tone? the sentence variety? the word choice? Does it sound like me?
• You may add a question or two of your own, but don’t overwhelm your readers.
Logistical Matters: Take 15 minutes or so to write this Postwrite for your final version.
Comments: Postwrites, because they give your readers direction and focus, help move the peer response process along in ways that you need them to move. Composing a postwrite helps you identify areas in a draft with which you feel dissatisfied, even if you cannot quite name, let alone fix, the problem. Alerting readers to these areas will help them help you; that is, a postwrite can focus readers on what you feel your writing needs. It also leads to more thoughtful responses. Without postwrites, readers often give generic, unfocused commentary. How many times has a classmate read a paper of yours and said, “I like it; it’s good,” and nothing more? When you reply, “Are you sure?” your reader finds a spelling mistake, but that’s about it. Reading a postwrite first helps readers know where to look and encourages them to give considered and thorough feedback.

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