"You may write on any of the topics covered in class discussion that you find of particular interest.
These may include interpretations of visual art, literature, architecture, etc. It is not recommended that you write about a personage, as the idea of Humanities is more about the ideas and culture, asking more for an investigation into how culture gives rise to ideas and how those ideas then influence culture.
Your discussion of the chosen topic should include:
An explanation of the philosophical concepts that are manifested in the specific topic, as well as displaying an understanding of the historical relevancy of the creative process involved. An observance of the relation between the concepts and values of the cultural periods studied and those of contemporary life should also be exhibited.
Papers should include direct references to the assigned text, as well as at least TWO other outside ACADEMIC sources, all of which should be referenced both in the body or argument of your paper and cited at the end.

Clear Statement, what will your paper be about?
Significance, why is this topic important?
Method, how will you go about your discussion?
Source 1 Explanation, what does your first source say about the topic?
Discussion, your discussion of the above.
Source 2 Explanation, again.
Source 3 Explanation, and again.
Own Argument, what is your own argument on the topic?
Summary, summarize the conclusions of your sources.
Conclusion, give your own conclusion.

Clear Ideas
Logical Progression

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The Buddhist culture has historically been widespread amongst countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Tibet, Vietnam and several others in that respective geographic area (Fiero, 2005). Perhaps the reason for its popularity is that the knowledge and experiences attained from the culture actually are thought of by many followers at timeless. Buddhism first became widely known in the Western world around the 1970s (Fiero, 2005). This timeless religion and its practices are expressed every day in all parts of the world and certain practices ...
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