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You walk into a preschool classroom and everywhere children are exploring, discovering, experimenting, and playing. You see the art center stocked with crayons, markers, easels, and paints; a block area bursting with buildings in progress; and the dramatic play area, which is now a "restaurant" complete with props and furniture from the kitchen and writing centers. The science table has a new microscope and a stash of bug and plant books, and there's a group of children making their own playdough to add to the manipulatives table. What is happening as children engage and interact in these areas? Is this play? Is this learning? Why play is an essential component of preschool environments/curriculum.

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Play dough provides enjoyable and satisfying experiences for preschool children. It is a way of learning through manipulation of materials, in which they can see how they affect the world around them.
Interactions with playdough allow preschool children to express themselves in a creative way, while developing healthy self concept where they express accomplishment with pride.
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