Introduction to Education has covered many facts of a field that promises challenges, stretches intellect, demands creativity, and offers opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children. To help you reflect on what you have learned in this course, respond to the following:
For each question, write one page. 2 page assignment.

• Part 1: What Is Education?

The resources that you have read throughout this course have covered such topics as quality education, quality teaching, and fostering healthy development and learning. Analyze and then summarize, in your own words, how these three topics are inter-related.

• Part 2: What Is Teaching?

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Education aims to foster, develop and expand our capacities as human beings, according to Ayers (2004). Education enables gaining deeper awareness of critical consciousness of humanity, it guides us to become self conscious and “fully human”.
As defined within the dictionary, “education is a process of giving systematic instruction, especially at school.”
Ayers believes that education opens doors to new possibilities, which can transform the world, and it enlightens us to better serve the interest of human community....

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