Here are a few approaches to this Ethics assignment:

A. Your audience consists of your fellow ENG 331 classmates. You are simply presenting information about an ethical situation related to engineering.
B. Your audience consists of engineers at a conference. You are presenting as part of a panel on ethics in engineering.
C. Your audience consists of your co-workers and/or executives in your company. You are presenting an ethical situation within your company and you are trying to convince them to take a certain course of action.
D. You may have another approach to this assignment, and that is fine. The important part of this assignment is that you take the information in the case and create an organized and logical presentation with clear graphics that are appropriate for your audience.

Project Guidelines

Content: Provide information about the case and your opinion of the situation. You can use the provided questions to get started.

Structure: Include title slide, forecast of what you will cover in the presentation, main points about the case and the ethical situation. Wrap up with what you think is the ethical course of action.

Visual Aids: Required. Use as many visual aids as needed to assist audience understanding of your topic. Don’t have slides full of text; use charts, graphs, tables, or other visuals to help the audience understand your content.

Research: If you use visuals from another source, provide a caption or footnote that indicates source. If you use information from another source, like an article or website, make sure you list that source in the slide footnote or at a slide at the end of the presentation. Make it easy for your viewers to go back and find the source for every piece of information that you share.

Online Delivery: You will be responsible for creating the visual (slides, video, or other) and auditory (narration) aspects. You will upload the full online presentation to Moodle.

Technical Requirements:
Create a narrated PowerPoint.

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