Investigation Report - Communication in the Data Analyst’s Workplace (1895 words)

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Investigation Report
The purpose of this assignment is to conduct research about communication in the workplace and to contribute to the ongoing CIW Report project. This assignment also provides an opportunity to demonstrate a mastery of the concepts covered in this class. Additionally, interviewing a professional in the workplace is a valuable experience.

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This report is aimed at contributing to the work of the Professional Writing Committee; specifically, the aim of this report is to present support for the rethinking and reformulation of the professional field categories central to the Communication in the Workplace analyses and reports. The contention set forth herein is that there needs to be space made for the category of ‘data analyst’ or the like, a category concerned with the analysis and presentation of data. This seems prudent given the current age of Big Data.
This report will proceed as follows: the data analyst interviewed will be presented, together with comparative context from the 2013 and 2007 Communication in the Workplace reports. Then, a brief argument for why this work is undertaken is put forth. Presentation, analysis, and assessment of the interview follow.
The Interviewee
The Interviewee is a NC State alum, with dual Master’s degrees in Applied Mathematics (2011) and Economics (2013). The Interviewee is a ‘data analyst’ at one of the world’s largest information technology companies, Cisco; tellingly—the present relevance of which will be discussed below—the position’s title does little to represent the rather nebulous-seeming nature of the responsibilities entailed. The position’s purview is the working and management of a budgeting process tasked with taking job quotes and moving them to the invoice stage.
Comparison of Interviewee’s Position and Education to that of previous CIW report respondents
In evaluating, comparing, and attempting to comprehend the Interviewee’s writing-related dimensions, the 2007 and 2013 CIW reports were used as reference points.
With respect to the 2013 CIW report, the basic elements of the Interviewee’s position and background are very much in line with major proportions of the report’s respondents; 57% of the...
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