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What's special, unique, distinctive, and/or impressive about you or your life story?

What details of your life (personal or family problems, history, people or events that have shaped you or influenced your goals) might help the committee better understand you or help set you apart from other applicants?

When did you become interested in this field and what have you learned about it (and about yourself) that has further stimulated your interest and reinforced your conviction that you are well suited to this field? What insights have you gained?

How have you learned about this field—through classes, readings, seminars, work or other experiences, or conversations with people already in the field?

If you have worked a lot during your college years, what have you learned (leadership or managerial skills, for example), and how has that work contributed to your growth?

What are your career goals?

Are there any gaps or discrepancies in your academic record that you should explain (great grades but mediocre LSAT or GRE scores, for example, or a distinct upward pattern to your GPA if it was only average in the beginning)?

Have you had to overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships (for example, economic, familial, or physical) in your life?

What personal characteristics (for example, integrity, compassion, and/or persistence) do you possess that would improve your prospects for success in the field or profession? Is there a way to demonstrate or document that you have these characteristics?

What skills (for example, leadership, communicative, analytical) do you possess?

Why might you be a stronger candidate for graduate school—and more successful and effective in the profession or field than other applicants?

What are the most compelling reasons you can give for the admissions committee to be interested in you?

Write two personal statements for graduate school application, one for operations research major and one for mathematical finanace major.

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I find the possibility and potential of being a part of One’s Operations Research Master’s program tremendously exciting ; in this letter—my statement of self—I hope to make a compelling case for why I should be given the opportunity to fulfill and experience that potential. At heart, my argument is simple: in bringing to the table a combination of academic and technical ability, together with a mix of understanding, responsible work ethic, and socially-conscious drive, I think I can both contribute and gain a great deal.   
So, perhaps of prime importance, why Operations Research? Intellectually, philosophically, my interest in pursuing expertise in Operations Research comes down to the belief that the world is constructed by and out of decisions – the better the decisions, the better the world. It is not a stretch to say that decisions and decision-makers are the building blocks from which the world is emergent. And, in admittedly broad terms, Operations Research is all about making the best, most informed, decisions possible. My experience of the importance of this fundamental science, out in and for the world, has been both professional and extracurricular.
My prime professional experience was as an Assistant Financial Analyst at the Bank of China. It was a terrifically rich experience because...

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