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This class focuses on and explores the policy of prohibition on drug production, distribution and consumption that embodies the long-standing hemispheric “war on drugs”. It will examine the legal regime that underpins current policies on drug trafficking (international, transnational and domestic regulations) related to the criminalization and money laundering.also it will focus on the reflect on the economic and social consequences that drug-trafficking prohibition has had in countries and communities situated on different sides of the global drug trade. this class explore the dominant “law and order” criminalization paradigm and contrast it with other potential approaches that focus on public health and economic development. it will conclude by considering a range of potential policy alternatives to the current model.

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The Empirical Groundwork for a Moral Argument

In this proposal for a larger research project, I would like to, at the outset, offer that the history of the war on drugs points to one inescapable conclusion: the war is underwritten and given continued life by a potent mix of precedent and, crucially, the prevailing values of the United States in this, the second decade of the 21st century. And, of course, this mix of precedent and values is manifest in the behemoth and labyrinthine legal apparatus that constitutes—and is wielded by—the war on drugs....

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