Write a reflection paper in response to the following prompt:

Select a theme. Write an essay (four full double-spaced pages in length) critically analyzing this theme. As part of this paper integrate materials from the readings, videos as well as from your site experience.

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A natural and essential place to start this communication-themed critical retrospective is, I think, the story of Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent movement toward India’s independence. Nonviolence itself, I think, is a form of communication – it says a lot, and in the hands of Gandhi and his partners and followers, indeed did say a tremendous amount. Nonviolence is, I suppose, a form of densely powerful meta-communication; what I mean here is that the very choice and execution of a nonviolent approach says just as much if not infinitely more than the speeches and proclamations of the movement. Whether the British were in conscious realization of it or not, the nonviolence they encountered was itself—as a strategic and tactical choice—saying to them all manner of existentially vital things: “these are the terms in which we will engage, these and no others, which certainly means we will not be engaging in your terms or on your grounds; we will not be doing what you expect us to do, likely far from it, in great part because you likely neither understand us nor what we are attempting to do; yes, you do not understand us – how could you, you are our colonizers, our ‘masters’...
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