While inorganic chemistry deals primarily with compounds not containing C-H bonds, there is plenty of overlap between inorganic and organic chemistry, as demonstrated by research areas like organometallic chemistry. And while organic chemistry seems to dominate discussions of chirality, this isomeric property of molecules is not exclusively the domain of organic molecules, as evidenced by optically active coordination compounds such as the enantiomers of [Co((OH)2Co(NH3)4)3]6+ separated by Werner. A central theme for inorganic chemistry is molecular symmetry, where group theory allows description of molecules based on point group symmetry.

A thorough course in inorganic chemistry, like books on the subject, runs the risk of seeming encyclopedic unless run by an experienced, inspired teacher, who will cover topics from the following list:

  • Molecular symmetry
  • Bonding in polyatomic molecules
  • Structures and energetics of metallic and ionic solids
  • Acids, bases and ions in aqueous solution
  • Reduction and oxidation
  • Non-aqueous media
  • Hydrogen
  • The alkali metals
  • The group 2 metals
  • The group 13 elements
  • The group 14 elements
  • The group 15 elements
  • The group 16 elements
  • The group 17 elements
  • The group 18 elements
  • Organometallic compounds of s- and p- block elements
  • d-Block chemistry
  • Organometallic compunds of d-block elements
  • The f-block metals: lanthanoids and actinoids
  • Catalysis and some industrial processes
  • Solid state chemistry
  • Trace metals of life

A large selection of inorganic chemistry textbooks is available from textbooks.com. Books are also available at Amazon.com and Google. An excellent inorganic chemistry tutorial is available from Boise State University. Finally, students should stay up to date with the latest research by following the inorganic chemistry publications of the American Chemical Society.

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