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According to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, acting is "the work of an actor or actress, which is a person in theater, television, film, or any other storytelling medium who tells the story by portraying a character and, usually, speaking or singing the written text or play." From the earliest days of civilization, the oral tradition of storytelling was one way history was passed on among communities. Actors emerged as the most gifted of storytellers, and their talents have engaged audiences for centuries ever since.

In ancient Greece, the earliest theatrical productions utilized a group of speakers known as the chorus, to narrate and comment upon the story. According to legend, around 12 BC one member of the chorus named Thespis stepped out of the chorus and narrated the story as a separate character. As a result, actors are sometimes referred to as "thespians" in his honor.

As theater developed throughout the centuries, actors were expected to have exceptional speaking skills such as vocal projection, enunciation, and the ability to speak in character voices. In addition, they were required to have the physical stamina and skills that would be required for such things as dance or stage combat. Because early drama was written in verse, actors who could speak well and interpret the text were sought after, and acting companies would use some of their own veteran actors to train others in the ensemble.

As time went on, the style of writing in theater evolved. Plays were no longer written in verse, but rather were written to reflect natural speech and realistic (rather than dramatic) situations. Late 19th century playwrights such as Henrik Ibsen and Anton Chekhov wrote emotionally-charged modern plays, and actors needed to adapt their acting style and method of preparation in order to genuinely interpret the text. Konstantin Stanislavsky, a Russian actor in the company that performed many of Chekhov's plays, recognized this and developed a preparation method known today as the "Stanislavsky System" (often confused with "method acting," which is different) to help actors with the emotional and psychological preparation required to portray the more complex characters found in modern plays. Throughout the 20th century, many students of Stanislavsky and the Stanislavsky System went on to create professional schools of acting, many of which are still in operation today.

Today, actors work in many settings. The theater can include children's, amateur, professional, and regional settings, while modern media can include television, radio, film and web series portals such as YouTube. Professional actors sometimes belong to unions such as the Screen Actor's Guild as well as many other professional organizations.

College acting programs often include courses in the history of acting, voice diction studies, movement, scene study, and acting technique. We have homework help tutors familiar with these and many other acting-related subjects at the undergraduate and graduate level, so go ahead and submit!

Here's a handy guide to Script Annotation for Actors:

On a level appropriate for a student seeking college homework help, another great online tutorial for Drama/Acting is offered by MIT's OpenCourseWare and is titled Playwrights' Workshop.

To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of drama/acting. Our theater tutors can help with all your projects, large or small, and we challenge you to find better online drama/acting tutoring anywhere.

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College Drama/Acting Homework Help

Since we have tutors in all Drama/Acting related topics, we can provide a range of different services. Our online Drama/Acting tutors will:

  • Provide specific insight for homework assignments.
  • Review broad conceptual ideas and chapters.
  • Simplify complex topics into digestible pieces of information.
  • Answer any Drama/Acting related questions.
  • Tailor instruction to fit your style of learning.

With these capabilities, our college Drama/Acting tutors will give you the tools you need to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Drama/Acting you can use in future courses.

24HourAnswers Online Drama/Acting Tutors

Our tutors are just as dedicated to your success in class as you are, so they are available around the clock to assist you with questions, homework, exam preparation and any Drama/Acting related assignments you need extra help completing.

In addition to gaining access to highly qualified tutors, you'll also strengthen your confidence level in the classroom when you work with us. This newfound confidence will allow you to apply your Drama/Acting knowledge in future courses and keep your education progressing smoothly.

Because our college Drama/Acting tutors are fully remote, seeking their help is easy. Rather than spend valuable time trying to find a local Drama/Acting tutor you can trust, just call on our tutors whenever you need them without any conflicting schedules getting in the way.

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To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of Drama/Acting.