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Tutor Since: May 2020

Last Online: June 30th 7:53am (EDT)

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Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Hello! I graduated in 2017 from Queen's University in Ontario with a Bachelor's of Science (Honors) in Biology, and I currently work for a startup pharmaceutical company in an engineering/regulatory compliance role. I strongly believe that everyone is capable of mastering difficult subjects, and that individually-delivered instruction can make a significant difference.

I have a strong background in plant biology, having completed a summer research fellowship on plant phosphate metabolism and taken many classes on the subject. Throughout my work and school experiences I have gained plenty of practical experience related to botany, molecular biology, pharmaceutical quality assurance, and technical writing. My academic background also includes university-level mathematics, chemistry, human physiology, psychology, and biochemistry.

I also enjoy teaching high school subjects and helping with SAT test prep. In my senior year of high school I helped tutor 11th grade students on SAT test strategies and general chemistry. Regarding my standardized test experience, I scored in the 99th percentile for the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT, and completed the SAT Chemistry subject test with a score of 790. I am also familiar with the AP Chemistry, Calculus AB, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, English Language, and English Literature tests, having scored "5" on all of them. I would be glad to share my strategies and experiences with these often daunting exams.

I truly enjoy teaching, and I wish you the best in your academic journey!

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