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Tutor Since: May 2020

Last Online: August 24th 6:35pm (EDT)

Completed: 3 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Learning a language does not have to be pain in the neck, it can be loads of fun! That is what I opt for when teaching and tutoring - to provide best-quality work and bring smile to my students' faces.

I have a BA in English language, literature and culture, with minors in French and German. At the moment I am working on obtaining a master's degree in linguistics as well as in Human Resource Management.

Life in the US guided me to dedicate my life to my first love - foreign languages, that is why for the past 5 years I have taught many satisfied students.

Whether you need help with English grammar and proofreading, writing or understanding literature work, or even writing a CV and a cover letter and preparing for a job interview, I am the person you are looking for! If you are a rookie in German and the language of Schiller and Goethe is troubling you, with my easy-to-understand guidance, you will master it in a nick of time!

Let's unlock the world of knowledge together! Alohomora!

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