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Tutor Since: July 2020

Last Online: September 12th 2:12pm (EDT)

Completed: 4 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I’m a research engineer with a strong academic background in fundamental concepts of engineering disciplines, fundamental sciences such as chemistry, physic, microbiology and math, scientific methods, and computer-based analysis tools, offering 10+ years of cross-disciplinary experience in biotechnological research. I hold a Ph.D. in Technology Engineering, with particular expertise in water and wastewater technology. The narrowest area of ​​my expertise includes mathematical modeling of the process of continuous biosorption of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions.
I’m committed to continuous learning and professional development, with a genuine interest in improving environmental quality.
I also like to teach and share my knowledge and experience with young people who need additional explanations and interpretations of never simple engineering problems. In my professional ethics, students come first, and excellent communication is the first step towards successfully solving all problems.

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