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Tutor Since: October 2020

Last Online: March 5th 12:29pm (EST)

Completed: 33 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I am currently working in an international architectural studio and finishing a Master's degree in architecture.
I have practical experience in architectural and interior design and teaching experience at the Faculty of Technical Sciences.
I am very motivated to help you out with student's projects, and I can offer my assistance with the development of any phase of your design (research, developing an architectural concept, finishing technical drawings, 3D modeling, post-production, etc.)
I can also help you to learn several computer programs useful for having high-quality architectural projects and presentations (Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, InDesign, and MS Office)
Thank you!

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Reviewed Nov 2020

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Comment : Sanja is so so sweet and extremely intelligent. I highly recommend her.

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