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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) | Average response time: 156 hrs

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Average response time: 156 hrs

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I love Math and always hope that my enthusiasm and encouragement can help students, whether they are looking to progress in Math or just complete their required Math courses. I have found that all students will hit a group of Mathematical concepts that just don’t click, whether it is early in K-12 or not until 3rd-4th year university level Math. It can be very frustrating, especially when it is difficult or even impossible to obtain the necessary help from teachers, campus tutors, etc.

The primary goal of hiring a tutor is to receive individualized assistance and a customized approach. That is why I tailor my explanations and tutorials to each student’s learning style. For instance, some students prefer that I look over their work and just give them hints when they get stuck. Other students prefer to provide me with specific questions they are stuck on and have me show them as a tutorial. I particularly try to focus on the underlying concepts and provide the student with context as to how each concept matters. Far too often, students are told to do things a certain way, but they aren’t told “why” or even how that concept or method pertains overall.

I have a BS in Mathematics, and 5 years of experience helping students with advanced Math! I have tutored students in Math online for the past 3 years, most often in Calculus, Discrete Math, and Algebra. During college, I developed study groups in Partial Differential Equations, Engineering Graphics, & Advanced Discrete Math. I was also Treasurer of Stockton's Math Club, which focused primarily on assisting local high school students and hosted an annual Math Mayhem competition between 12 N.J. High Schools.


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)




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