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Tutor Since: September 2019

Last Online: August 27th 4:20pm (EDT)

Completed: 15 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I am an experienced tutor in both music and mathematics. I spent a number of years teaching music to students of all ages and have played the viola in both amateur and professional groups. My second instruments have been oboe/cor anglais and I have been proficient at the flute and piccolo as well. I have also composed music on commission for both chamber ensembles and orchestras. As a composer, my main medium is the orchestra and consider myself well versed in the orchestration of standard orchestral instruments. My works are available on SheetMusic Plus.
My compositions have often been compared to composers such as Vaughan Williams for my use of folk melody elements and my strong harmonic tendencies. I am fully versed in undergraduate music theory and should be able to help with musical analysis techniques.

In recent times, I have changed careers to become an engineering mathematics teacher. I currently teach HNC and HND level mathematics and would be able to assist with most first-year or second-year university mathematics topics as well as GCSE and A level. This year, I am completing my engineering degree with the Open University and I plan to go on to study a master's degree in astrophysics.

I fully believe that both music and mathematics are fundamentally important aspects of a full education and I pride myself on being able to take complex concepts and break them down to accessible chunks which make learning easier and more intuitive.

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