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Fawaz (Fawabo11)

Tutoring in
Medicine and Nursing

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) | Average response time: 2 hrs

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Average response time: 2 hrs

Fawaz (Fawabo11)

Tutoring in
Medicine and Nursing

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)| Average response time: 2 hrs

About Fawaz

I am a native English speaker offering high quality writing, editing, proofreading, copyediting, tutoring and data analysis services in various subjects in Medical Science (Biology). I also offer high quality services in creative writing including poetry.

I am from Auckland, New Zealand, and I am currently living in Stockholm, Sweden (Europe). I am a Medical Scientist & a Medical Science Editor who completed a:

-Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology (University of Auckland, 2007-2010)
-Master of Science in Pharmacology (University of Auckland, 2010-2011)
-PhD in Medical Science (Stem Cell Biology & Gynaecology) (Karolinska Institutet, 2015-2018)

During my 3 years of study in my Bachelor of Science I completed a wide range of courses in various science fields:

-Human Biochemistry
-Human Physiology
-Organic Chemistry
-Human Anatomy
-Molecular and General Biology
-Molecular and General Pathology
-Human Sports Science
-Human Pharmacology

In addition, in my 1 year Master of Science I completed 5 Masters level courses and a research thesis (~23 000 words). To complete my research thesis I completed approximately 9 months of laboratory work.

Then for nearly 3 years I worked as a Research Assistant at the Saudi Arabian National Guard in Riyadh at KAIMRC (King Abdullah International Medical Research Centre) for a Mesenchymal Stromal Cell (MSC) research laboratory (2011-2014). I was involved in the:

-Design of studies
-Conduction of laboratory experiments
-Data analysis
-Various types of writings
-Preparing manuscripts
-Submitting and publishing manuscripts

During my time I wrote several original and review articles with my group, which are published online in various peer-reviewed international scientific journals. Generally, I was involved in editing, proofreading and copyediting different types of writings.

I completed a PhD in Medical Science (Stem Cell Biology & Gynaecology) affiliated to Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden (2015-2018). During the PhD I was involved in writing, editing, proofreading and copyediting different types of writings, and I have completed the following:

-Written assignments for courses
-Reviewing PhD theses
-Reviewing grants
-Peer-reviewing submitted original & review articles
-Writing, submitting, and publishing manuscripts
-Replying to editor's & reviewer's comments for submitted manuscripts
-Various types of report writing
-Design of various science studies
-Completion of various laboratory experiments
-Extensive data analysis using Microsoft Excel, Flow-Jo, GraphPad Prism among other software
-Using other software such as EndNote for referencing and Paint for making figures
-Making Powerpoint presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint, and presenting in front of large audiences including for courses, and at International Science conferences

Throughout my years of studying I have been doing a wide variety of science writings such as:

-Original articles
-Review articles
-Research proposals
-PhD theses
-Master theses
-Power point presentations
-Critical Reviews

I have written at least nine original and review scientific articles in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. You can search Abomaray on Pubmed to see them.

I also do creative writings, where currently I do them sometimes in my own time, and I have also been doing them back since high school (2004). Creative writings such as:

-Short stories
-Creative long stories
-Poetry (I write a lot of my own poetry)

I have written, edited, proofread, and copyedited all of these types of writings for friends, colleagues and family members for school/university assignment deadlines for many years.

The following traits describe me:

-Hard worker
-Excellent writer
-Quick reader
-Excellent speaker
-Excellent listener
-Great attention to detail
-Team player
-Excellent time management skills
-Sharp on deadlines

I hope you hire me to help you with your writing, editing, proofreading and copyediting endeavors.

Thank you for reading!!

Looking forward to teaming up with you!!

= )


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Stem Cell Biology amp Gynecology


Master of Science (M.S.)



Bachelor of Science (B.S.)




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