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Tutor Since: March 2021

Last Online: March 27th 11:10am (EDT)

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As a kid, I use to play guitar in several rock bands. This was my first scientific experience, meaning sociological research. As a member of a larger group of kids, who were interested in music and creating harmonic relations between each other, I had been practically learning about the system of values, including friendship, love, and mutual understanding. Having this in mind, today I'm enjoying working with kids and students, sharing opinions, and building ground for healthy social relations and society in general. In that manner, my interest in punk and rock music has led me to the studies of sociology. I find pleasure in the practical use of sociological theories. I'm sharing an opinion that without practical use of theory we can't discuss main postulates in science. This also includes interdisciplinarity and putting an accent on different fields of sociology at the same time (macro and micro-sociology). As a teacher, I've also learned that tutor responsibility doesn't end with transmitting knowledge. The job of a teacher is to build knowledge through communication with the students, meaning the development of critical opinion and finding mutual understanding, based on multicultural differences. Feel free to ask for help. I would be glad to solve your problems or prepare you for the final exam. After all, we are all learning through these processes.

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