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Tutor Since: November 2019

Last Online: April 10th 12:06pm (EDT)

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Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I am currently enrolled in the second year of M.Sc degree in Data Science. I graduated from a Bachelor’s degree program at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Belgrade in three years, even though it usually lasts for four years.

Additionally, I would like to mention that I enjoy doing extracurricular activities. Personally, the activities I pursued outside the lecture hall taught me valuable lessons and skills that I would have otherwise never had the opportunity to acquire. I am proud to be a scientific demonstrator at the Center of the Promotion of Science. For five years now I have been a part of the greatest scientific fairs and events in the country. The fact that I have been given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the attitude of young people towards science gives me great pleasure. Working with children made me realize the importance of learning on an everyday basis and it taught me to do it with enjoyment. For that reason, I would love to have an opportunity to use the knowledge that I will acquire in the future to raise awareness of the importance of Mathematical methods in High Schools and Universities around the world.

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