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Government and Politics

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Tutor Since: December 2019

Last Online: October 5th 8:25pm (EDT)

Completed: 15 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I find that success can come from learning all that you can. I know learning can be difficult at times and having someone else to guide you through the misunderstanding that is occurring is very helpful. I found that learning was important the last two years of my high school career and from there I always wanted to learn as much as I could. I found success in a subject that I loved, which was the Social Sciences. I like to dive head first into reading about the Social Sciences because it allows me to look at the past, look at how people think, look at how people communicate, find my way if I get lost, observe other cultures, audit our stock markets, and make sure nothing repeats itself.
I find joy in using technology to assist my students. I know that technology is great tool to use when learning and can be very helpful to connect through the learning experience. I like to use technology to assist my students with their assignments. I know that technology allows us to mold our minds together and create a greater understanding through the learning process.
I do like to assist students in the writing process. I have experience throughout my years of education that specifically point toward writing extensively. I have experience in multiple formats and in different styles. I like to connect with students who want a deeper understanding of the writing process. The writing process can be intricate and with someone else assisting in the process then writing can be more fully understood and perfected.
Overall, learning and teaching is a part of who I am. I am glad that I am able to assist students through the learning process and help them become better academically. I know having help within academics is important and having someone else to serve as a guide can be very helpful to which is equally important. My one main goal in life is to help as many students as I can and share my love for learning and teaching with them.

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