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Tutor Since: April 2021

Last Online: May 10th 5:06pm (EDT)

Completed: 0 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

As a student once myself, I understood the significance of external assistance, especially in science and mathematics. Tutoring students is a strong passion of mine, which can be reflected in my 12 years of experience helping students achieve their desired goal, especially in organic chemistry. Courses are not meant to be memorized, but rather understood.

My aim would be to adequately walk through a given problem and find a solution through logic, rather than memorizing each question. With my strong background in tutoring and research as a PhD chemist from Texas Christian University (TCU) I will provide both theoretical and practical knowledge for your success.

I have been studying, teaching and researching in the field of chemistry for over 15 years. I have mentored and conducted multiple review sessions for students. Because of my extensive laboratory experience, I allow the student the visualize a given problem, thus making them much more enjoyable and easier to solve.

I am happy to teach you the fundamentals of chemistry in a way that will be very enjoyable for you and you are not counting the minutes to stop studying. Chemistry takes time to learn, I will make sure you push through the barrier that makes chemistry a difficult subject, and reach a level where you are very comfortable with solving any problem that is presented to you. I am available to help anytime and will respond to your need promptly.

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