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Tutor Since: July 2020

Last Online: May 17th 9:26am (EDT)

Completed: 15 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Philosophy is both my passion and my main profession. As a teacher I have experience in teaching History of Philosophy and English. Apart from teaching, I have a considerable experience in essay, writing task and science paper editing, as well as helping students in exam preparation, literature interpretation and writing tasks.

I am ready to provide assistance with writing tasks, exam preparation and understanding concepts related to my field. Also, I offer reviewing and editing services and writing advises for philosophy papers.

I specialize in continental philosophy, history of philosophy and philosophy of new media.

My fields of expertise include:

1.History of Philosophy:

- Ancient Philosophy (Greece and Rome)

- Medieval Philosophy and Theology

- Modern Philosophy

- German Idealism ( Fichte, Kant, Hegel)

- Materialistic philosophy of history (Marks, Engels)

- Contemporary continental philosophy (Nietzsche, Existentialism)

2. Ontology

- Greek and Roman ontology

- Medieval ontology

- Modern ontology and epistemology

3. Epistemology ( Theory of knowledge)

- Greek and Roman concepts of knowledge

- Medieval concepts of knowledge

- Modern epistemology ( Empiricism, Rationalism)

4. Ethics:

- Greek and Roman practical philosophy

- Medieval ethics

- Modern Ethics

5. Philosophy of Culture

- Philosophy of game (Huizinga, Caillois)

- Philosophy of new media forms ( Problem of formal definition of video-games)

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Comment : Very patient and understanding professor. Its a must to score good grades using his services.

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