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Tutor Since: January 2021

Last Online: March 22nd 11:12am (EDT)

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Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

I started my career in Philosophy right after high school. I finished my licenciature in Argentina, which is the equivalent to a bachelor and a Master degree. After I finished I started travelling around the world while working in different places. Although I was not in the academy, I kept participating in a research group in Skepticism that we held online with colleagues of the university back in Argentina. I am a fast learner, very strict with myself, dedicated and with a passion for knowledge. I love writing, I have done it many times in Spanish, mainly papers and books (this only in literature).
I got an honor mention at the ending of my licenciature which means I got the highest grades of the graduated students of that year (9.28/10). I got high grades in all the 30 subjects and seminaries during the whole period, without a single bad or disapproved grade. During the last year I completed a master, which would make 2 masters with the licenciature, in Madrid. I graduated with a 10/10 in the final thesis and they are considering an honor mention with the average. During the last 6 years I have also been participating in the research group that is official from the university of Argentina. It has changed topics with time, but we have treated Skepticism in general.

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