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Tutor Since: November 2017

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I have been a language teacher for more than 20 years. After I concluded my English language studies, I started teaching English in my teens to stay connected to the language and culture. The fact that I could help someone else learn it and communicate globally was just fascinating and so rewarding to me, and I haven't stopped since then.
After teaching ESL and EFL for more than 10 years, I moved to the U.S. to pursue graduate studies in Spanish Literature and Culture, and after graduating, I became a college professor. I have experience teaching beginning to advanced courses. Some of the lower level classes I have taught during the last 15 years are: Elementary and Intermediate Spanish, Beginning to Reading, Basic Conversation, Grammar, and Composition; and some of my favorite upper courses are Civilization of Latin America and Spain, Spanish Fiction, Contemporary Peninsular and Latin American Culture, Latin American Cinema, Film and Literature, etc. I personally enjoy Literature - I love reading -, and Film the most, because who doesn't like studying by watching and discussing movies!
Apart from classroom experience, I always liked tutoring in one-on-one settings, specially to practice conversation, reviewing homework and grammar, which sometimes can be hard in a classroom setting with too many students.

About my ESL qualifications and experience:
-First Certificate of English of the University of Cambridge.
-CEELT - Certificate in English Language Teaching (University of Cambridge)
-More than 10 years of experience teaching in private institutes and also to private students, from beginning to advanced level, from 1st graders to adults.

I would love to hear from you regarding any trouble you might have with Spanish/ESL. I am a good listener and also really good at finding our what the best way to help you improve your skills is. We can schedule lessons at your own pace, themed by your personal interest. Hope to hear from you soon!

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