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Tutor Since: June 2018

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I graduated from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), with a Bachelor’s degree in history and an anthropology minor and subsequently completed a history Master’s at CSUF in 2017. My thesis pertained to Creek/Muscogee peoples, cross-cultural diplomacy, and political negotiation in the American southeast in the decades following the US War of Independence. I also studied several other historical regions and eras during my time as an undergrad and Master's student, including ancient, medieval, and modern European history, Native North American history, Latin American/Cuban history, east Asian and modern Chinese history, and Mediterranean/Near Eastern history of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

During my time at CSUF, I served as editor-in-chief of the award-winning Welebaethan journal, president of the Theta-Pi chapter of historical honor society Phi Alpha Theta, and teaching assistant and graduate assistant for several professors in multiple departments, as well as earning membership in the invitational interdisciplinary honor society Phi Kappa Phi. While in the MA program and after graduating, I have edited and conducted research for a variety of publications and institutions, including the International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies and the Colonial Society of Massachusetts. I also completed primary-source research for a project related to the translation and transcription of the shorthand marginalia of Rhode Island founder Roger Williams. My other research interests include the history of Western philosophy, naturalistic/secular philosophy, contemporary geopolitics, and semantics.

In addition to my education and background in historical study, I have spent multiple years editing and writing in academic/professional contexts. In such editorial work and past tutoring experiences, I have striven to help the student/client express the relevant information as clearly and vividly as possible in their own voice within the required parameters. Whether it's articulating an idea more concisely, correcting syntax, or adding literary vigor to a particular passage, I aim to help students find their best written voice and effectively present the information they have learned. I also specialize in substantive/structural editing for those who seek guidance on layout and chronology in writing. As an editor and author, I have received university and national awards, as well as uniformly positive feedback from students in multiple Teaching Assistant positions. I have also provided editorial consultation for past professors and mentors regarding their own monographs and articles.

In summation, I aim to provide instructive, informative tutoring within a positive and productive environment for those with questions related to history, anthropology, editing, research, and/or writing.

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