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Tutor Since: November 2020

Last Online: May 6th 5:34am (EDT)

Completed: 16 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Ambitious and hard working individual. During studies and professional career, people regarded me as self-driven and always motivated to achieve more. Also, I always had time for colleagues that needed help overcoming difficulties, both during studies and in workplace. My strong side was always science, even in elementary school. Best results I achieved in Physics, and topics related to it, such as Mathematics, Mechanics which was, obviously, beneficial in learning about crude oil exploration and production, that heavily relies on laws of Physics. My second profession, which started 1 year ago is teaching kids and young adults basics of English language. I find it amusing as much as challenging, so I always give my best during classes.

Feel free to contact me, with me you will always get: thoroughly finished assignment on time, originality and as much answers on your questions as you can think of.

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